Anonym asked: "WCIF Debora's school girl hair?"

Here. ^-^

absent-ly-deactivated20130909 asked: "Where can i find Deborah's skin? She's amazing :)"

Thanks. <33 —> Here. 

simsquisite asked: "I am a new follower and can I just say that I am inlove with your simmies! I was also wondering where you got your sim Nora's eyeshadow on that post you made about your game crashing. Thanks !"

Thank you so so much, sweetie! <3 Right here. (:

Anonym asked: "Can you make a CC List for mabel with notes. The program you made it with i can't have"

Sorry for the late reply! :/


Mabel’s CC List:







Blush 1:

Blush 2:

Blush 3:

(I use mastercontroller to layer make-up)


astronautsims asked: "工 ❤ ㄚ◯∪! Send this to 10 blogs that you love and you will never unfollow ♥"

Awwww, you’re so lovely! <333333 I love you too, hun. ((: 

Anonym asked: "Will you announce when you are taking sims requests again? c:"

Yes. ((:

-Mabel Wilson-

It’s been forever since I uploaded my last followergift so I decided to upload Mabel! (:

DOWNLOAD (CC list, .sim file and .sims3pack included)

I hope you like her and thank you for following me! <333

Please do not claim her as your own, use her as a base or upload her to other sites and it would be nice if you tag the pictures with ‘hurricanesims’ when you post pictures of her on tumblr. Thanks! (:

I’m back, sweeties! :) <3